Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm a Humble Person =>

The priority in my life is to serve and render my best efforts for the benefit of society. It’s not about recognition or power, but to fulfill my obligations as a responsible human being towards mankind. I derive satisfaction when all my good deeds bring smile and happiness to people and that will just be enough to make me feel good. After all, we are all God’s humble servant and should always be grateful to God for what we are and live for


Alumni SAMBestari SPM 2005 said...

Assalaamu'alaikaaum wrm wbt.

Sihat? Good Blog!



PRINCE of ALL said...


Thank you for your compliment!

I'll continue writing insyaaALLAH


Paan Lee said...

salam, saja nak jalan2 :D

niMizisa~ said...

almost a yr didnt upd8
sounds like hving hectic life yea..